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Is Sofia for me?

Sofia is your dedicated tool for managing, conducting, and documenting resolution processes with ease. With streamlined operations, legal compliance, and a commitment to a safe work place, Sofia brings benefits such as improved efficiency, minimized risks, and enhanced employee trust, demonstrating a clear commitment to a respectful and compliant work place.
Sofia offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the software to align with your organization's policies, procedures, and specific resolution process requirements.
Stay informed about our upcoming training materials, resources, and dedicated customer support, designed to make it smoother for both organizations and users with Sofia.
As a leading software solution, Sofia prioritizes data privacy and confidentiality through robust security measures. This includes user access controls, encryption, and data redaction. Sofia also guides users on handling sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality throughout the resolution process. Sofia is compliant with the provisions of all applicable privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
Yes, Sofia includes compliance checklists, templates, and features specifically designed to assist organizations in adhering to relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
Yes, Sofia provides optional reporting and analytics tools, allowing organizations to identify trends, assess compliance, and make data-driven decisions for improving work place culture and preventing issues.


Sofia's key features include case management and tracking, compliance, templates, documentation storage, professional guidance, and reporting and analytics. Designed for investigators and human resource professionals, these features are designed to enable thorough and compliant resolution processes.
Sofia presents a suite of resolution process templates — meticulously crafted documents and forms designed to establish a structured framework for conducting and documenting the resolution process. Serving as invaluable tools, our templates promote consistency, efficiency, and compliance throughout the resolution process. They guide users through a well-organized and equitable procedure, ensuring the collection of key information and the implementation of relevant steps while respecting the rights and privacy of all parties involved.


Yes, if our standard pricing doesn't align with your organization's needs, we offer custom pricing adapted to your specific needs. Contact us for more details.

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