Complex matters need simple solutions.

Simplify work place conflict resolution with our easy-to-navigate software. While managing cases can be complex, our user-friendly solution guarantees an effortless and smooth experience.

Sofia is a web-based Complaint Management Software (CMS) that allows managers and a human resources department to monitor and track work place conflicts while ensuring the organization’s legal compliance.

Here’s how Sofia can help you.

Generate reports

Improve risk management through data-informed decisions

Simplify conflict resolution processes

Intuitive interface and centralized data for effortless coordination

Stay on top of deadlines

Faster turnaround through efficient case management

By Canadian lawyers. For the Canadian work place.

Sofia stands as the foremost solution in Canada for managing harassment and violence complaints, offering cutting-edge software designed to streamline and enhance the resolution process.

Sofia was created by a group of Canadian legal [img1] experts specialized in labour law in order to help [img2] you and your team navigate complex issues with confidence and ease.

Navigate the evolving work place with Sofia by your side. As employees become more proactive in reporting occurrences, there are is a higher caseload and an increased number of resolution processes to manage. Sofia adeptly manages your past, present, and future cases, fostering a safer, healthier, and more respectful work environment, empowering your team to thrive.

Case Management & Tracking. Templates. Reports & Analytics. Risk Analysis. Professional Guidance. Sofia can ease your workload and lift a weight off your shoulders.

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Case management & tracking
Reports & Analytics
Risk Analysis
Professional Guidance
  • Case management & tracking

    Sofia simplifies and streamlines the entire resolution process. It provides a centralized platform for organizing, documenting, and tracking all aspects of the resolution process.

  • Templates

    Sofia provides ready-to-use templates for each step of the resolution process.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Sofia offers different reports allowing organizations to identify trends, address recurring issues, implement targeted improvements as well as ensuring compliance.

  • Risk Analysis

    Sofia offers a tailored risk analysis — a proactive and strategic tool that provides organizations with valuable insights into factors contributing to work place harassment and violence.

  • Professional Guidance

    Our experts offer organizations the guidance needed to navigate the complex and sensitive issues surrounding harassment and violence occurrences.

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